Learning-to-Hash Survey Paper

The full literature survey that accompanies this website is available as a research paper currently under submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Full citation information will appear here in due course. In the meantime please feel free to cite the following thesis upon which the review is based:

  author       = {Sean Moran}, 
  title        = {Learning to hash for large-scale image retrieval},
  school       = {University of Edinburgh},
  year         = 2016,


Presentations and Relevant Introductory Material

Please also see the excellent tutorial slides of Dr. Wu-Jun Li for a nice introduction to the field.

Dr Victor Lavrenko has two excellent youtube videos here and here, describing the basics of locality sensitive hashing (LSH). These are ideal for those just entering the field or curious how to apply the method to their problem domain.

The reader is encouraged to further explore the following survey publications:


A few university courses are been taught covering aspects of machine of efficient computing. Below there are a few that have publicly available material.

Blog Posts

Blog posts provide a great way to learn about cutting edge research and ideas. Here are a few of our favourites:


Some favourite books on the general topic of large-scale machine learning:

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