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Semi-supervised hashing for scalable image retrieval

J. Wang, S. Kumar, and S. Chang. CVPR 2010

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CVPR Supervised Image Retrieval

Large scale image search has recently attracted considerable attention due to easy availability of huge amounts of data. Several hashing methods have been proposed to allow approximate but highly efficient search. Unsupervised hashing methods show good performance with metric distances but, in image search, semantic similarity is usually given in terms of labeled pairs of images. There exist supervised hashing methods that can handle such semantic similarity but they are prone to overfitting when labeled data is small or noisy. Moreover, these methods are usually very slow to train. In this work, we propose a semi-supervised hashing method that is formulated as minimizing empirical error on the labeled data while maximizing variance and independence of hash bits over the labeled and unlabeled data. The proposed method can handle both metric as well as semantic similarity. The experimental results on two large datasets (up to one million samples) demonstrate its superior performance over state-of-the-art supervised and unsupervised methods.

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