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Deep Hashing for Compact Binary Codes Learning

V. Liong, J. Lu, G. Wang, P. Moulin, J. Zhou. CVPR 2015

Deep Learning CVPR Supervised

In this paper, we propose a new deep hashing (DH) approach to learn compact binary codes for large scale visual search. Unlike most existing binary codes learning methods which seek a single linear projection to map each sample into a binary vector, we develop a deep neural network to seek multiple hierarchical non-linear transformations to learn these binary codes, so that the nonlinear relationship of samples can be well exploited. Our model is learned under three constraints at the top layer of the deep network: 1) the loss between the original real-valued feature descriptor and the learned binary vector is minimized, 2) the binary codes distribute evenly on each bit, and 3) different bits are as independent as possible. To further improve the discriminative power of the learned binary codes, we extend DH into supervised DH (SDH) by including one discriminative term into the objective function of DH which simultaneously maximizes the inter-class variations and minimizes the intra-class variations of the learned binary codes. Experimental results show the superiority of the proposed approach over the state-of-the-arts.

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