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Neighborhood Preserving Hashing for Scalable Video Retrieval

Shuyan Li, Zhixiang Chen, Jiwen Lu, Xiu Li, Jie Zhou. ICCV 2019

ICCV Video Retrieval Unsupervised Deep Learning LSTM

In this paper, we propose a Neighborhood Preserving Hashing (NPH) method for scalable video retrieval in an unsupervised manner. Unlike most existing deep video hashing methods which indiscriminately compress an entire video into a binary code, we embed the spatial-temporal neighborhood information into the encoding network such that the neighborhood-relevant visual content of a video can be preferentially encoded into a binary code under the guidance of the neighborhood information. Specifically, we propose a neighborhood attention mechanism which focuses on partial useful content of each input frame conditioned on the neighborhood information. We then integrate the neighborhood attention mechanism into an RNN-based reconstruction scheme to encourage the binary codes to capture the spatial-temporal structure in a video which is consistent with that in the neighborhood. As a consequence, the learned hashing functions can map similar videos to similar binary codes. Extensive experiments on three widely-used benchmark datasets validate the effectiveness of our proposed approach.

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